Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chris and Katie Weekend

On Friday my favorite married brother and his wife came to visit us.  They arrived on Friday and left on Monday.  The weekend was full of fun times, stories, legos, and food.  On Friday we had a homemade Indian food night that turned out really well.  Everyone pitched in making chicken tikka masala, and beef buffad, both tasted delicious.  On Saturday we did what any self respecting couple in their mid-twenties without children would do and went to Legoland!  We went on rides, ate some churros, and of course played with legos.  Chris and Michael has a lot of fun, Katie and I just enjoyed the child-like transformation of our husbands.  On Sunday we had time at the beach and topped the day off with shopping.  Katie found some really cute clothes, and I had fun being a personal shopper.  Yesterday was sad because we had to say goodbye but not without going to Hodad's for lunch.  Best burger in San Diego!  Katie has pictures and video and all sorts of documentation that I will be stealing from her Facebook as soon as she puts the pictures up but until then you can check out her blog here.
I can't wait for the next round of guests that are coming sooner than usual.  Michael's brother and his wife will be arriving on Friday.  June is turning out to be busy but we are very excited for it.
at the beach

Handsome men building legos