Monday, November 21, 2011

Living on the moon

Michael and I are still waiting for orders.  Those orders will tell us where we will be living for the next three years, when we need to be there and if we will be able to spend Christmas in Utah.  I was hoping we would find out last week but it was just that, a hope.  I have been forced to learn a lot about control living this life style. I have no control over my life right now but the great thing is that I am still happy.  Many people think that in order to be happy or successful you have to be in control over your life.  This is simply not true, you can be happy because you choose to be happy.  Michael and I are giving up control because at the end of the day we are healthy, taken care of, and we don't have worry about him losing his job, and that is something to celebrate. 
For all we know we could be living on the moon for the next three years.  But what an adventure that would be!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thank You Mood

I have decided to try and be domestic and what better way than taking on a large, complicated sewing project!  First stop, Mood fabrics.  My dreams of seeing Tim Gunn there were not fulfilled but I did find some great fabrics.  To say I was overwhelmed would be a massive understatement.  Hundreds of rolls of fabric in every type, color, pattern imaginable.

I heard a girl next to me talking to one of the employees about how she works for a vendor who sells to Anthropologie and she was finding fabrics for their new spring collection.  Obviously I followed this girl, she was probably uncomfortable with me standing four inches away from her but I didn't care, I had fabric to find.  She picked a few and left a few and one of the rolls she liked but decided against I nabbed.

I found the perfect fabric, bought a few supplies and started sewing.  After one meltdown, a few swear words and a lot unpicking, I finally finished!  Even though I didn't hear Tim Gunn tell me "make it work" I must say I am pretty proud of my final product.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What else can we shave?

Michael is practically bald, and in his job (which he likes to refer to as a gun club- a tactic he uses to try and comfort me when I freak out about deployments and combat and such) there are regulations about a marines hair cut, two acceptable hair styles, high and tight:

 or bald.

Obviously we like the high and tight, who wouldn't want sexy locks like this guy?  So fluffy and feathered, but after talking it over we decided to give bald a try.  Get the shaving cream, razor and after shave, we had a mission. I have never shaved a persons entire head before, but how hard can it be?  I caked on some shaving cream and got to shaving, thinking to myself the whole time that he will look good, not to worry.  Final rinse, towel dry and oh crap, I do not like a bald head.  I'm standing in the bathroom, staring at his shiny head with really wide eyes. So of course being the sweet wife that I am, I made fun of him for a good half hour.  He finally let me take his picture but he was not happy about.

After a couple days I started to get used to his new hair and I must admit I like it more and more. The best part about his hair is that it serves the same function as velcro. I walked into the laundry room today to find my dear husband stuck to his own t-shirt. He had tried to take off his shirt, pulling it over his head but only got about half way before his hair attached itself to the fabric of the shirt. Poor guy couldn't move the shirt forward or backward, his arms were stuck in the arm holes and I couldn't stop laughing for long enough to help him. Maybe next week we will try the high and tight, can't go wrong with fluffy 80's hair right?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Duty Section

Michael and I live and breathe for the weekends. We never get to see each other week days, just daily phone calls and an occasional text message, so when the weekend finally rolls around we both can hardly contain our excitement. Michael more than me if you can believe it. The poor guy has to stay on base Monday through Friday, where the only things to do are sit in your room, walk to the convenient store which is two blocks away, or sit in the DVD lounge, which is really just some couches, a TV and a DVD player- excitement! So even the thought of being able to leave base is like Christmas. Every weekend he can leave base with me and we can be together for about 54 hours straight, and after not seeing each other for five days, those 54 hours mean the world.

But there is something that ruins everything- duty section. This is when a group lucky guys have to stay on base, stay in their uniform all day and all night (literally), cant laugh, smile, joke, high five, share stickers, eat candy or show any form of happiness (not literally). Michael was that lucky guy last weekend. The one good thing about duty section is that it rotates weekends so Michael only has to do it once every five weeks. You can imagine how excited we were to have this weekend together. Everything was planned. We would go to San Diego, go to the zoo, go to the beach, watch movies, and be together for 54 hours straight! Then one stupid phone call messed it all up. Michael called me on Wednesday and told me that our plans for going to San Diego would have to wait. Apparently a couple Marines didn’t clean their rooms, left them completely trashed, I mean seriously heinous work- in the real world that translates to a cup in the trashcan and a bed that was made but wrinkled. And if one Marine screws up then everyone gets punished. I was devastated. But then he gave me a glimmer of hope.

“If everyone in my class gets outstanding marks on our rooms than we can all be relieved of duty section.”

Yipee! There’s that light at the end of the tunnel I have grown to know and love! But then the light gets squashed, again. Two guys failed room inspection. So here I am, sitting alone in a hotel room in Oceanside, waiting for morning when I can go on base and be with him. Spending time in the DVD lounge or walking to the store. I’m not allowed in his room.