Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Color Run

A few weekends ago Michael and I did a 5K in San Diego.  We drove down and as we approached the stadium where the race was held the traffic started piling up.  California always has bad traffic but this was ridiculous.  These are just some of the people there.

All those tiny little dots are people and we came early!  We stood in line for a long time and got our number, t-shirt, and really cool sweat band

Michael is a great model for the sweat band.  We waited with lots and lots of people to start our race.  For safety they only allowed groups of 500 people start the race at a time.   Michael and I waited our turn and finally got the the starting line.

The color run is a race that as you run every kilometer you get colored powder thrown at you.  It sounds really weird and under any other circumstance I would not appreciate strangers throwing things at me especially while exercising but, it was actually really fun.

We finally made it to the finish line.  We were both tired and really thirsty.  After running through 5 different powdered dust clouds we needed the water!  The blue station really piled it on me and orange station piled it on Michael.  (As the pictures below illustrate.) Overall, it was a really fun adventure that we got to do together.  Maybe we will do it next year for anyone that want to join us!

Don't mind my Bob Ross hair being accentuated by my sweatband

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Marine Corps Ball

November 10th is the Marine Corps birthday.  Every year all around the country Marines and guests are invited to a big ceremony to celebrate.  This year was the 237th birthday, Michael and I went last night and it was full of fun, patriotism and emotion.
I have been excited about going for the last few weeks,  I bought a dress, had my neighbor practice my hair, and I even bought red lipstick for the occasion.  My dress was the only short dress at the ball but I didn't care because I am not really the ball gown type.  Even my wedding dress was short.
This is my dress.  Short, lace, 20's style

He is the most handsome man ever, I love when he is in dress blues!  

Marines wear their most formal uniform for the event.  Michael has a very serious face on because the jackets are super uncomfortable apparently

We arrived at La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, where the ball was held and took our seats in the ball room.  Before dinner was served they always have a short presentation where the Commanding Officer speaks, they have a cake ceremony, and a short video is played from General Amos (he is like the President of the Marine Corps).  But before all those things they always have a colors ceremony where everyone in the hall stands as the American flag is brought through the room.  It was so interesting to watch the demeanor of the Marines in that room as the National Anthem was played and the American flag was brought out.  Every single Marine in that room, without any prompting or instruction from their superiors, snapped their feet and legs together, straightened out their back, put their arms by their sides with their hands in fists and watched as that flag moved through the room.  Every. Single. Marine.  All the joking, talking, and boys being boys stopped in a split second.  There was such a respect, patriotism and sense of duty in the air.  I started to tear up a little because I was in awe.  Even now as I am writing this I can still feel the love that those men and women have for their country.  There is nothing more patriotic than seeing 300 Marines stand at attention out of respect for what they fight for. 

After the color ceremony a video was played that showed fighting done years ago in World War II and the current fighting that took place only a few weeks ago in Libya.  If you remember the news they said that a Marine unit specifically was responding to the bombings in Libya, that is because Marines are always the first to respond.  They showed real footage from Afghanistan and had interviews from Marines that were severely wounded over there.  The whole video made everything a little too real.  I am more informed now than I have ever been before but I still love my bubble.  I don't like thinking about the fighting over there, I wish there didn't have to be fighting at all.  I got very emotional thinking about the friends we have over there right now and the possibility of Michael being over there sometime soon and it became a lot to handle.  After the video the guest of honor spoke about the brotherhood and sisterhood that is created through military service and the mood of the room changed.  The feeling of camaraderie replaced the feeling of fear for me.  The whole night was a huge mix of emotions for me that I am still trying to sort out but I do know one feeling without a doubt.  I love my husband!
Dinner was served after that and the night went on but I will always remember the feeling of love and pride I have for my husband, not only because he is an amazing person, a great husband but also because he is my hero.  He decided that he owed his country 4 years of his life and even though it is hard, and demanding, dangerous and uncertain he does it because he loves this country, and he loves his family.  I am proud and honored to say I am the wife of a Marine.