Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh, the fam!

I think Bob Wiley says it best in the amazing movie What about Bob?
"oh wait, let me guess, I'm very good at this.
That's Harriet, and Ronny, Gretchen and.... Rita.
Wait, wait a second, Cecilia, Dorothy, and this is Kenneth and Bambie."

Close... This is my family. There will be a new addition in one week. No, not a baby. My new husband Michael.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two Weeks

Michael left for boot camp on March 28th and the first time I will be able to see him again is in two weeks from today. It is completely normal to go without seeing your fiancé for months at a time and then the day after you meet again you get married right? Obviously I am nervous and excited to see him, mostly nervous at this point. Good thing I have an amazing best friend that knows Michael so well that she can calm me down. It wouldn't be that bad but we can only write letters to each other. Letters, seriously, I feel like I am living in the 1940's and my husband has just gone off to fight in the war.

How am I expected to say "I do" to someone (without having at least a little anxiety) that I haven't said one word to in three months!

Literally, three months! Don't even get me started on how much it bothers me when people use the word literally incorrectly.

"I literally died laughing!"

"Did you? That would be really nice right about now because then I wouldn't have to listen to your lame story"

These have been my thoughts for the past few weeks, my nervous, anxious, heart pounding thoughts. But then his letter came. Thank goodness for the United States Postal Service. Something about a good old fashion love letter to calm the nerves. Now all that is left is to wait, which I have been doing it for the past eleven weeks, I think I can make it two more.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Newest Endeavor

I found this new idea for a bouquet to use for my wedding. I have never heard of a button bouquet but I think they are amazingly beautiful. So instead of buying one I have decided to make one.

First stop, the Treasures Antique Mall for a jar of buttons. After dumping them on the kitchen table my mom and I start the creative juices flowing. We worked on the flowers for about two hours today and we aren't even close to finishing. It makes sense now how people can charge $400.00 for one of these. Needless to say, after all the hard work, we did come up with some pretty amazing looking flowers.

My whole family is getting involved with this flower making production. I want each of my siblings to make a flower that I can put in the bouquet. The end product should be something special, I will be sure to post a photo or two.