Thursday, September 20, 2012

25 days later

Michael comes home tomorrow!   I am so excited that I can't sleep!  It feels like he just left yesterday and at the same time it feels like I haven't seen him in years.   Funny how time works.  I have had a lot happen these past few weeks.  I flew to Utah for a wedding, built closer relationships with my friends in California,  my mom and sister came to visit me and I spend two days in Los Angeles visiting my sister-in-law.
It was so fun having my mom and Anne come visit me for the weekend.  We had a lot of fun while they were here.  We ate lots of good food, went shopping, went to the beach, and visited some of Anne's friends.  It was a great trip and as much as they came for a last vacation before the new baby, the trip was so beneficial for me in many ways.  Yesterday I went to Los Angeles and visited with the only family I have out here.  The new baby is such a sweetheart and I can't wait to see that whole family again in a few weeks.
I have been so blessed and surrounded with love while Michael has been gone.  It constantly amazes me how gracious, kind and warm people are.  As much as I have loved growing and developing relationships, I am so excited to have the love of my life back.  I have missed him terribly, and the fact that I will get to see him in about 17 hours is almost too much to handle!

Monday, September 10, 2012

An Overview

Last week I went home to Utah for a few days.  My sister-in-law got married and also my sister had a baby shower.  I realized while I was there that a lot of people know very little about my life so I thought I would write and answer the most common questions I got while visiting.

Where do you live?
We live in San Diego county, specifically north county in Oceanside.  It is just south of Camp Pendleton.

How do you like California?
We love it!  The weather is perfect, the people are kind, relaxed (for the most part) and the church here is growing but still in need of faithful, strong members.

What does Michael do?
He is a marine and his specific job is aviation ordnance.  Meaning he works with the weapon systems of fighter helicopters.  He likes his job although the people he works with are sometimes a little crazy and irresponsible.

What are you doing out there?
I am going to school.  I am majoring in biology.  I will graduate with my bachelors in about two years and after that I will apply to physician assistant programs around the country. (yes Utah has a great programs so if I get accepted there we could be moving back to Utah in about two and a half years)

How is church out there, do you have any callings?
Church is different outside of Utah but we love it!  I play the organ, I am in the Young Women's presidency second councilor, and Michael and I work at the temple.

Do you get to live with Michael and do you get to see him very often?
Michael and I finally live together.  We have an apartment off base and we love our little community.  Normally, I see him everyday.  He goes to work at around 5:30am and he walks through the front door around 5:00pm.  He gets every weekend and every holiday off.  He even gets random holidays off like Columbus day, and Halloween.

Any children in your future?
No!!!  Thats about all you can say for that question.  Saying "holy crap, no, never, not in a million years, children totally scare us"  is not always the most polite response.

Is being a marine wife as hard as you thought it would be?
Honestly, no.  It is definitely hard, don't get me wrong its probably the hardest thing that I have ever done, but I love it.  People often told me before I married Michael that it was going to be awful.  That I would never see my husband, that he would change after bootcamp etc.  Those thing have proven to all be false.  Michael does leave every once in a while for a couple days and the current month long training deployment has been hard but other than that he is home everyday.  He didn't change after bootcamp, if anything it made him softer and more sensitive because he saw how awful a person can treat another and he promised he would never be like that.   For a newlywed couple, financially,  it is a great option.  What couple in their early 20's can say they have complete job security, education 100% paid for as well as a housing check every month while getting your education after your military contract is up, great health insurance and coverage,  never having to worry about if bills, food, and housing will be paid for?  That doesn't happen very often. We are incredibly grateful for the perks of military service.

Do you like being married?
I love it!  I can't wait to have my husband back in a couple more weeks.