Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Adventure

I am headed to Florida on Thursday. I will be staying there for a month while Michael continues his job training. I found a two bedroom condo on the beach and I can't wait to see if the top beaches in the nation really are in Florida. More on that when I actually get there.

Michael and I talked on the phone today and he told me two stories and from these came my two favorite Michael quotes for the day.
Story number one (keep in mind that this is Michael talking):
I was sitting in class today and my Sargent got up in front of the class and asked, "Who here is married?"
I raised my hand.
The Sargent said "Christensen! You are married? Why?"
So I stood up and said, "Because I am in love sir"

Story number two, not really a story, more like a couple sentences:
"Michael, apparently you are not supposed to keep score in a marriage" I took a marriage class last semester and I like to pretend I am very knowledgeable and seasoned in the art of marital satisfaction.
His only response,"Oh thats good cause you are probably winning"

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