Sunday, September 18, 2011

Preparing a Coconut

Michael and I bought a coconut the other day at the grocery store. Michael served his mission in Fiji and he learned how to prepare a coconut there. He hadn't done it in years but we tried it with a kitchen knife, a countertop corner (that method only lasted one try) and a spoon.
The first question he asked me when getting this production started was, "Do you see a smiley face on the coconut?" Which is a completely reasonable question to ask someone when you are trying to break open a coconut. I lied and said that I did and promptly showed him where I thought it would be. He then started hacking away. I just stood back, watching coconut pieces fly over Michael's head. There was a point where we both starting to give up but he hit it one last time and the sound it made was different from the previous ones. We were past the hardest part. Two more hits and we were through, the coconut split in to two perfect halves. Things taste better when you work for them and this was no exception. Well worth the struggle.

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