Thursday, October 27, 2011


Michael and I are living in Los Angeles right now. He lives on base, Camp Pendleton, and we get to see each other every weekend which is really nice. He is in school until December 12th and after that we are hoping that we can come back to Utah for Christmas. In about three weeks we will find out where we will be living permanently, well at least for the next couple years. Michael requested to live on the west side of the country but nothing in the military is certain. The last graduating class all got send to Japan, so the possibility of some where far away, foreign, or unknown is very high. At this point we don't care where we live as long as we get to live together. We have been married for four months and we have never lived together. I guess this is the military way, I am just really grateful Michael is not planning on doing this forever.

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  1. We will be so excited to see you both in Utah if we get to be so lucky! Hopefully that will work out. Love you guys.