Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Salmon Dinner Recipe

This is the perfect way to cook salmon. I learned it from my very talented and quite beautiful mother; and anyone who has had her cooking (even once) can attest to her culinary talents. This recipe is honestly the best way I have ever had salmon, Michael and I eat it at least once a week.
 Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees
Place salmon on a sheet of tin foil
Squeeze half a lemon on top of the salmon
Sprinkle dried dill onto the salmon
Wrap it up so no steam escapes 35-40 minutes later voila you have perfect salmon I serve it with tartar sauce which is also quite easy

Dill Sauce: Half of a juiced lemon
4 Tbsp of mayo
2 tsp mustard
sprinkle dill

I know that these aren't the most direct instructions but part of the fun of cooking is exploring and experimenting.  I promise if you have fun with the recipe it will turn out great.  The secret is keeping the steam from leaving the foil so just wrapping up the salmon in a snug little pouch and it will be delicious.

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