Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why am I so awkward?

Last week my best best friend of all time got married!  At Courtney's wedding lunch, we were all enjoying our meal and this very nice boy started telling the table how he was going to have to leave the reception early.  He had a very exciting night ahead of him.  He was going to make the five hour drive to Idaho to ask his girlfriend's father's permission for her hand in marriage.  How exciting!  He was going to drive all night, and the next day go see her dad, and the dad already knew he was coming, and it was going to be perfect, blah blah blah.  Fast forward to that night at the reception.  I was sitting with a few of my family members when this very nice boy came into the room with a girl on his arm.  I, being loud and obviously not thinking, said to him, "oh, is this your fiance?"
When that final vowel came out of my mouth I realized what I had said.  If he was going to ask for her dad's permission that night then he obviously hadn't popped the question yet.  Eeekkk, hopefully you didn't want that whole proposal thing to be a surprise!
The very nice boy just looked at me with wide eyes and said,"not yet..." My face turned red and I uncomfortably started laughing trying to make light of the situation until they slowly walked away.
Its fine though cause a proposal isn't exciting for a girl at all. I am positive she hasn't been dreaming about that day her whole life.
So there you have it.  My best friend got married, went to her reception, and I successfully ruined a stranger's dream of a surprise proposal all in one night. If that isn't efficient, I don't know what is.

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  1. so, yeah--i can totally see myself doing the EXACT same thing. . .we must be related! :)