Monday, April 30, 2012

Marine Corps Ball

The Marine Corps ball is usually held in the beginning of November.  It is a celebration of the Marine Corps birthday that is actually on November 10th.  This year was an exception for Michael's unit however, we got to go to a ball type party a couple months ago.
It was a hectic day for both of us.  Michael had just returned from a 5 day FARP in 29 Palms, and I was flying back from a week long trip to Utah. Despite the rush we both made it to the dinner on time.  It was fun getting ready and also fun to see Michael in his most formal uniform.  I was a stinker and didn't bring a camera to the party so the only pictures I have are of us in our dining room before we left.  But you still get to see what a handsome couple we are!

We had amazing food, good company and dancing.   It was such a fun night.

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