Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Military Life

You have heard about how military life is hard, how your spouse will go to far off lands, fight for freedom, honor, and liberty.  These things are all true. It is hard but it is also hilarious.  I can honestly say my life and experiences in a military community are quite funny, totally worth the adventure.
I often get on Facebook and see people bragging about how their husband or wife is so great because they did well on a test, or are graduating from BYU, or got accepted into some business school in China.  This is simply not my life.  These are all real achievements and stressors and it is not my intention to make light of any thing, I am just showing the difference and I hope it is taken with an air of humor.
My husband doesn't come home and tell me about how he passed his ethics class test with a 90%. He also doesn't come home and tell me about how a project got finished with out a hitch.  Or how he doesn't like work as much because word got back to him that Jim from accounting said something mean about him.  He does however tell me about how he passed his grenade throwing qualification and all I can think is "Do people fail? Because if so, the bad score is the least of their problems I'm sure."  Or he will tell me about how he successfully attached a missile to a helicopter. A normal day to day achievement obviously.  Or how he got chewed out and was forced to do push ups while some sergeant used the "f" word like a teenage girl uses the word "like."  These things have become so common place in my life I forget that its completely crazy and normal newly married life isn't like this.
I was driving on base the other day and approaching me on the road were about twelve HUMVEE vehicles all driving in a line.  (I didn't know the name was an acronym either.)  I was interested until I saw that they all had a "student driver" sign on the front of them.  In the civilian world you see a car with a  "student driver" sticker, some blonde girl chewing gum wearing bangles and sunglasses driving, and you avoid them a little.  Imagine my circumvention when twelve 5 ton vehicles were headed straight for me.  I had to slow down quickly, which is fine with me, better to get crushed my an armored vehicle going 10 miles an hour instead of 50 miles and hour.  The reason from my abrupt speed decrease was because I was in a TANK XING zone.  No, not a pedestrian crossing, a tank crossing.  I'm sorry but in a subaru outback vs tank show down I think I know who will win.
I love this life but I must say I am glad we are only doing this Marine Corps things for another three years.  There is only so much adventure a girl can take.

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