Sunday, November 13, 2011

What else can we shave?

Michael is practically bald, and in his job (which he likes to refer to as a gun club- a tactic he uses to try and comfort me when I freak out about deployments and combat and such) there are regulations about a marines hair cut, two acceptable hair styles, high and tight:

 or bald.

Obviously we like the high and tight, who wouldn't want sexy locks like this guy?  So fluffy and feathered, but after talking it over we decided to give bald a try.  Get the shaving cream, razor and after shave, we had a mission. I have never shaved a persons entire head before, but how hard can it be?  I caked on some shaving cream and got to shaving, thinking to myself the whole time that he will look good, not to worry.  Final rinse, towel dry and oh crap, I do not like a bald head.  I'm standing in the bathroom, staring at his shiny head with really wide eyes. So of course being the sweet wife that I am, I made fun of him for a good half hour.  He finally let me take his picture but he was not happy about.

After a couple days I started to get used to his new hair and I must admit I like it more and more. The best part about his hair is that it serves the same function as velcro. I walked into the laundry room today to find my dear husband stuck to his own t-shirt. He had tried to take off his shirt, pulling it over his head but only got about half way before his hair attached itself to the fabric of the shirt. Poor guy couldn't move the shirt forward or backward, his arms were stuck in the arm holes and I couldn't stop laughing for long enough to help him. Maybe next week we will try the high and tight, can't go wrong with fluffy 80's hair right?

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