Monday, November 21, 2011

Living on the moon

Michael and I are still waiting for orders.  Those orders will tell us where we will be living for the next three years, when we need to be there and if we will be able to spend Christmas in Utah.  I was hoping we would find out last week but it was just that, a hope.  I have been forced to learn a lot about control living this life style. I have no control over my life right now but the great thing is that I am still happy.  Many people think that in order to be happy or successful you have to be in control over your life.  This is simply not true, you can be happy because you choose to be happy.  Michael and I are giving up control because at the end of the day we are healthy, taken care of, and we don't have worry about him losing his job, and that is something to celebrate. 
For all we know we could be living on the moon for the next three years.  But what an adventure that would be!

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