Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Live Fire Air Show

Last Saturday Michael and I went to an air show.  This is not uncommon living near a military base but this one was different.  This was live fire. (don't be discouraged if you don't know what that means cause I didn't either.)  Pretty much the aircrafts you see flying will shoot bullets and rockets and all sorts of ordnance, right in front of you!  It was the coolest thing I have ever seen.  It was like an action movie but everything was in real life.  Michael works with helicopters, his entire unit is just a helicopter unit, but these are no life flight type aircrafts.  These are crazy armored, and loaded helicopters.  Each as a turret on it, yes you read that correctly, a turret.  And missile launchers, what helicopter doesn't have a missile launcher?  We were so close to the helicopters that I could literally see the guys inside them, one of them even waved to the crowd.  It was an experience like nothing I have ever seen.  We took video and pictures of the entire show and I will post the video another day, in case anyone was curious.

The field where all the ordnance was shot

This is the helicopter (obviously) and if you look at the ground you can see four men.  They are part of a recon platoon and they are about to get lifted up in the air

Here they are harnessed to the helicopter.  It is so weird watching them just float off the ground into the sky.

The show was so interesting and quite amazing to watch.  I will post a video of everything when I get it all edited.  

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