Saturday, January 28, 2012

I finally have my first love back

We bought a piano! It is the most beautiful piano in the whole wide world. You know when you are at the store and you find a semi-cute dress and then you look at the price tag and it only costs $4.00? All the sudden that dress is the most beautiful thing on this green earth! The same thing happened with this piano. I found it on craigslist for $300.00, a woman moving into a smaller house couldn't take her piano and was desperate to sell it. Michael and I drove to her house a few weeks ago to see if the piano would be a good purchase for us. I sat down, played all the keys, checked the petals and to my surprise the piano was in great condition. I played a little part of one of my favorite songs Claire de Lune. The woman selling the piano was so happy that I could play. She told me that she would sell it to us for $200 because she just wanted the piano to go to a good home. Michael told me after that we had everything we needed for our house now because, keep in mind we don't own any furniture for our living room, we had a piano and a bed. What more do you need?

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