Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life in California

Michael and I have been stationed in southern California and after a lot of apartment searching, packing, short Christmas vacation, and unpacking we are finally settled. We live in northern San Diego, specifically Oceanside. I know warm days and cool nights year round sounds hard to handle but I think we will manage. We live in a one bedroom apartment close to Camp Pendleton. Our apartment is nice but needs a little revamping. We have a dining room but why use it as a dining room when you can use it for something more fun? We have decided to put my piano and Michael's drawing things in one space and call it our imagination room. We painted that room blue and Michael, being the talented artist that he is, painted a really cool design on the wall. That has sparked our imagination and spring boarded our design ideas for the rest of the house. The next big project is finish painting the living room and buy furniture for it. It has been fun living in an apartment that allows a little creative freedom, I just wish we didn't have to paint the walls back to their original brown pink gross color when we move out.
This was the color we decided on although the above picture is a more accurate representation of the actual color.


  1. I love that!! You guys did an amazing job.

  2. we are staying in a beach house in oceanside at the end of the summer!