Friday, January 27, 2012

Sometimes I am Cheap

I want a cute house. I want people to walk into our very "chic" one bedroom, zero furniture, partially painted, hoarder neighbor, "whats that scratching sound?" apartment and think, "wow, this is gorgeous!" But I am poor, we are poor. What is a girl to do? Solution: buy cheap crap and paint it! So thats exactly what we did. Allow me to introduce this cheap Ikea lamp.
Nothing to write home about. But give me thirty minutes, three do-overs and everything I learn during girls camp craft time and voila!
The first one was easy and I already liked the colors so I inversely painted the second lamp.
These lamps are my ticket to a gorgeous house! I just know that when we have guests over they will completely over look the fact that we have weird neighbors, ugly paint, and no furniture because we have stellar lamps!

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